The E3M-Lab is a research laboratory operating, since 1988, within the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems of the National Technical University of Athens (ICCS/NTUA).

E3M-Lab specializes in the field of energy systems analysis and economics, macroeconomics and environmental economics by using and developing large-scale mathematical models based on advanced techniques of Applied Econometrics, Operations Research and Computer-based Information Systems. The researchers of the laboratory combine economic analysis with a thorough engineering evaluation and support of technology forecasting in the energy domain and focus on quantitative economic analysis and directly support economic, energy and environmental policy for the European Union and other world regions. The laboratory offers policy analysis studies and consulting services worldwide and is organized as a professional service providing entity.

E3M-Lab maintains data and prepares forecasts and scenario analysis for the energy systems and markets of thirty five (35) European countries. Since 1988, the E3M-Lab prepares the publications of DG TREN on Energy Outlook for the EU (latest DG TREN “Trends to 2030”, update 2009). E3MLab carried out for the EC impact assessment studies for the Climate Change Action and RES policy package (in 2008), the EU ETS, the Sixth Environmental Priorities Program, the legislative package on CCS, the Strategic Energy Review, the Green Paper on Security of Energy Supply and others. Similar service has been provided to several governmental agencies in Europe (France, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UK and others) and to private companies. Recently E3M-Lab carried out the background modelling work for the Roadmap 2050 DG CLIMA communication, the analysis for moving to 30% target, the White Paper on Transport (DG MOVE, 2011), the Eurelectric Power Choices and Role of Electricity studies (2010 and 2008) and at presents works on the DG ENER’s Roadmap to 2050 (published December 2011).

E3M-Lab develops and maintains several sector-specific models, including electricity-market specific models. The energy model developed and maintained for all the European Union member-states is PRIMES (energy market equilibrium engineering-economic model used for the long term and the study of structural changes in energy markets). For economic impact assessment and macroeconomic studies, E3MLab has developed GEM-E3 (general equilibrium macro-economic model applied to World regions and to EU specific countries too) which is widely used in Europe, also independently by other organizations. E3M-Lab also developed and maintains the PROMETHEUS world energy model (a stochastic world energy/technology model rich in representation of world oil and gas markets). E3M-Lab also developed and maintains detailed sectoral models: PRIMES-Gas for the Eurasian gas market and infrastructure, PRIMES- TREMOVE Transport model for EU27 countries and PRIMES-biomass model for EU27 countries. The laboratory has accumulated a considerable information basis for a large spectrum of existing and new energy technologies. This information concerns technical characteristics, operation analysis, costs, lifetimes and market-related parameters. The basis covers energy use technologies, electric power, refineries, gas distribution, oil and gas extraction, renewable and others. The laboratory has accumulated extensive experience in power systems planning, power regulation and economics and investment analysis.

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The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) is located in Austria. The Institute is a non-governmental research organization sponsored by its National Member Organizations in Africa, Asia, Europe, as well as in North and South Americas. It conducts interdisciplinary scientific studies on environmental, economic, technological and social issues in the context of human dimensions of global change. IIASA's objective is to bring together scientists from various countries and disciplines to conduct research in a setting that is non-political and scientifically rigorous. Because of its non-governmental status, IIASA is independent and can provide non- political and unbiased perspectives. This neutrality and impartiality is particularly valued by those utilizing Institute research findings.

In their study of environmental, economic, technological, and social developments, IIASA researchers generate methods and tools useful to both decision makers and the scientific community. The work is based on original state-of-the-art methodology and analytical approaches linking a variety of natural and social science disciplines. Since its inception in 1972, IIASA has been the site of successful international scientific collaboration in addressing areas of concern for all advanced societies, such as global climate change, energy, acid rain, food and agriculture and land-use change, forest decline, water resources, the social and economic implications of population change, risk and the theory and methods of systems analysis. Researchers from IIASA’s Mitigation of Air pollution and Greenhouse Gases Programme (MAG) and from the Ecosystems Services and Management Programme (ESM) will participate in this Project, using tools and models developed in the Institute.

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EuroCARE GmbH Bonn is a consultancy of four agricultural economists focussing on agricultural and environmental policy issues. The members of the EuroCARE partnership are also working at the Institute for Food and Resource Economics, department Economic and Agricultural Policy, of the University of Bonn. This linkage guarantees close academic collaboration on a high level. Project teams are selected according to requirements. Our expert pool consists of permanent staff members, EuroCARE partners and other experts from EU Member States.

EuroCARE Bonn was founded in Bonn in 2000 as the successor of EuroCARE Luxemburg/Bonn, which had focussed on consultancy services for the European Commission's DG "Agriculture and Rural Development" since 1990. By now, EuroCARE’s main customers are various public and private organisations that deal with agricultural and environmental policy or are affected by it. EuroCARE analyses rely on complex simulation models (by now almost exclusively the CAPRI system whereas CAPSIM is not updated anymore) which are based on a database integrating statistical and technical information from various sources, but most importantly Eurostat.

Completed projects include outlook work for agriculture as well as several analyses of the potential effects, economic and environmental, of reforming the EU's CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and environmental policy. Less important have been projects focussing on the development, improvement or maintenance of statistical databases related to agriculture and policy advisory work without associated quantitative modelling.

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EXERGIA is an independent firm of consultants operating internationally in the fields of energy and environment. It is a member of SESMA, the Hellenic Association of Management Consulting Companies (Greek branch of FEACO).

The company has been established in 1991 and is active in most geographical regions of the world with focus in EU and South-Eastern Europe.

The scope of company’s projects ranges from consultancy to state policy and strategy formulation up to energy/ environmental audits and studies for private clients. EXERGIA provides advice, expertise and technical consultancy on following topics:

  • Energy and Environmental policy and strategy formulation at local, regional (intra-national and international) and national level, including assessment of energy demand and supply development, energy modelling, development of action plans, etc.
  • Advice to governmental/ regulatory authorities on technical, organisational, institutional and legislative aspects of energy and environmental strategies and policies.
  • Feasibility studies and techno-economic analyses for significant energy and environmental projects to be financed by international donors and banks.
  • Identification, assessment, monitoring and evaluation of Energy Efficiency and Demand Side Management measures and programmes in all sectors.
  • Diagnosis, auditing, project solutions and management support to industrial clients and large buildings on the application of modern energy and environmental technologies that result in higher energy efficiency and amelioration of the environment.
  • Support on publicity issues including information campaigns, website development, promotion activities and training on energy and environmental issues.
  • EXERGIA’s experts have served as advisors or key-officials to Regulatory Authorities and Ministries of EU and candidate Member States on matters of energy and climate policy and planning, restructuring of energy markets, energy and CO 2 modelling, etc. For these projects, EXERGIA has designed and developed specialised information systems and software tools and has designed, set up and maintained user friendly websites so as to disseminate project results and outputs to energy and environmental sector actors. In addition, the company has experience in organising public awareness campaigns, dissemination and consultation activities and in establishing communication channels between EC and other IFIs and their beneficiaries internationally. The above experience results mainly from managing or participating in EU co-financed projects (FP6, FP7, IEE, DG ENER etc.).

    Indicatively it is mentioned that EXERGIA’s experts have designed, developed and maintained web-sites for following projects: ALF-CEMIND, RESIPE , NaturalHy , BIOMAP , ESCO-B etc. The company has also developed user friendly software for feasibility assessment of RES (EVRIN software tool) and waste-to-energy investments, has developed software for energy databases, information systems on electricity market monitoring and for multi-criteria decision analysis of RES investments etc. In addition, EXERGIA has organised publicity campaigns and high level promotional events (workshops, exhibitions, conferences, seminars) for energy projects in EU, CIS and SEE, i.e. in Kosovo, Cyprus etc.

    EXERGIA offers its consulting services in energy and environment following the procedures of the international standard for quality assurance EN ISO 9001:2008.

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