Project Manager: Alessia De Vita (ICCS/E3MLab)
Scientific Coordination: Prof. Pantelis Capros (ICCS/E3MLab)
Website Manager: Dr. George Vlondakis (Exergia)
Interactions and Consultation Manager: Niki Komioti (Exergia)
PRIMES Model Manager: Prof. Pantelis Capros (ICCS/E3MLab)
GEM-E3 Model Manager: Dr. Leonidas PAROUSSOS (ICCS/E3MLab)
GAINS Model Manager: Dr. Lena Höglund Isaksson (IIASA)
GLOBIOM, G4M Model Manager: Dr. Hannes Böttcher (IIASA)
CAPRI Model Manager: Dr. Heinz Peter Witzke (EuroCARE)

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